Hans Holbein the Younger - Lady Margaret (Bacon) Butts, about 1541-1543

Hans Holbein the Younger (Augsburg, 1497 or 1498 - 1543, London)

Lady Margaret (Bacon) Butts, about 1541-1543

Oil on panel, 47.2 x 36.9 cm (18 9/16 x 14 1/2 in.)


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  • Hans Holbein The Younger (Augsburg, 1497 or 1498 - 1543, London) - primary
  • Lady Margaret Bacon Butts (Cambridgeshire, about 1485 - 1545, London) - subject


Collection of the politician William Henry Pole-Carew (1811-1888) of Antony House at Cornwall, England by 1880. (with the pendant portrait of Sir William Butts, museum no. P21e1)
By descent to Sir Reginald Pole-Carew (1849-1924) of Antony House at Cornwall, England in 1888.
Purchased by the art dealers Colnaghi & Co., London from Sir Reginald Pole-Carew for possibly £16,000 in 1899. (as a set with museum no. P21e1)
Purchased by Isabella Stewart Gardner from Colnaghi & Co., London for £17,000 or £20,000 in June 1899 through the American art historian Bernard Berenson (1865–1959). (as a set with museum no. P21e1)


Inscription (restored on blue-green background): ANNO AETATIS SVE · LVII ·

Dimension Notes

Frame: 70.5 x 61 cm (27 3/4 x 24 in.)


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Hans Holbein the Younger is most famous as the portraitist to the court of Henry VIII. Holbein’s sober yet quietly sensitive images found great favor during the artist’s sojourns in London from 1526 to 1528 and from 1532 until the end of his life. This portrait of Margaret Bacon, Lady Butts, is one of a pair with her husband, Sir William Butts, M.D., also on view in the Dutch room. Holbein first made a drawing of Lady Butts from life (Windsor Castle) and then traced it onto the panel to be worked up to the final work. William Butts (1485–1545) was the personal physician to Henry VIII, who knighted him in 1544.


Hans Holbein the Younger

Sir William Butts

Francesco Bartolozzi

Margaret Bacon, Lady Butts