The Gardner Museum offers new special exhibitions each season. Schedules are subject to change. All press inquiries should be submitted to press@isgm.org

June 13-Sept. 8, 2024

The Museum’s summer exhibition suite explores how portrait photographs by artists from New York City, Boston and Dallas reflect and refract multifaceted LGBTQIA+ experiences. Across three galleries, including the façade, we illuminate how portrait photography is a powerful tool for LGBTQIA+ self-discovery, community-making, and affirmation of found family. Each artist presents us with their unique processes, which prioritize making space for their subjects and shaping stories—sometimes their own—through the camera’s lens.

Hostetter Gallery:
On Christopher Street: Transgender Portraits by Mark Seliger

Fenway Gallery
Portraits From Boston, With Love
Artists: Olivia Slaughter, Jaypix Belmer, and Ally Schmaling

Anne H. Fitzpatrick Façade
Hakeem Adewumi: Possession of A Recalcitrant Dream, 2024
June 4 - October 1, 2024

Fall/ Winter 2024
October 10, 2024 - January 20, 2025  

Hostetter Gallery: 
Manet: A Model Family  

Fenway Gallery
Mary Ellen Mark: A Seattle Family, 1983-2014

Anne H. Fitzpatrick Façade
Mickalene Thomas: Sandra, She's a Beauty, 2009
 October 1, 2024 - February 17, 2025


Winter/Spring 2025
February 27, 2025 - May 25, 2025  

Hostetter Gallery & Fenway Gallery
Waters of the Abyss: An Intersection of Spirit and Freedom
Artist: Fabiola Jean-Louis
Anne H. Fitzpatrick Façade: Fabiola Jean-Louis (Title TBD)