Shen Wei

The Moving Image

December 3, 2020 - June 28, 2021


Shen Wei

Painting In Motion

December 3, 2020 - June 20, 2021


November 24, 2020 - June 28, 2021

In accordance with Mayor Walsh’s directives, the Gardner will close temporarily starting Wednesday, December 16.

Museum closed Tuesdays. Upcoming events are:

Thursday, February 4, 2021

  • Members Only

    Thursday, February 04, 12 pm

    Step into the Courtyard and take a closer look at the ancient Roman Medusa Mosaic with Jess Chloros, the Objects Conservator at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. Jess will take us behind-the-scenes of the history of the mosaic, starting with its discovery and subsequent installation, and finishing with a detailed look at the past treatment of this delicate piece of art and what's in store for its future. Jess will hold a Q&A to answer all of your remaining questions about the Medusa Mosaic.