Giovanni di Francia - The Virgin and Child Enthroned, about 1450

Attributed to Giovanni di Francia (active 1451-1462)

The Virgin and Child Enthroned, about 1450

Tempera on lime plaster (transfered to linen), 164.8 x 121.3 cm (64 7/8 x 47 3/4 in.)


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Probably in the church of San Giorgio, San Polo di Piave, Veneto. (with a second fresco by the same artist, museum no. P12w24)
Probably installed on the first floor of Casa dei Battuti, Venice. (with museum no. P12w24)
Purchased by Isabella Stewart Gardner from the cabiner maker and antiquarian Antonio Carrer (d. 1912), Venice for 1,200 lire on 25 September 1897.


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Seated in a massive wooden throne, the Virgin Mary raises her hands in prayer over the infant Christ. This fresco, a wall painting in tempera pigments on wet plaster, adorned the meeting room of a religious confraternity in the town of Oderzo, outside Venice. Executed by local painter Giovanni di Francia in 1472, it consisted of this central image flanked by four saints, which remains in Italy in situ. 


Giovanni di Francia

Saint Francis