muhammad ibn ahmad al-izmiri - A Hydraulic Device, 1354

muhammad ibn ahmad al-izmiri

Leaf from a copy of the Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices: A Hydraulic Device, 1354

Ink and color on paper, 34 x 23 cm (13 3/8 x 9 1/16 in.) sheet


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  • Muhammad Ibn Ahmad Al-izmiri - primary
  • Al-jazari (1136 - 1206) - author


Possibly in the collection of Mahmut I (1696-1754), Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, about 1470. (as part of a manuscript now in the Suleymaniye Library, Istanbul, Ayasofya no. 3606)
Collection of the Ayasofya Library, Hagia Sophia, Istanbul in about 1740.
Collection of the Suleymaniye Library, Istanbul in 1968.
First documented by the French Orientalist Baron Bernard Carra de Vaux (1867-1953) in 1891.
Collection of the Swedish collector, scholar, and dealer Fredrik R. Martin (1868-1933), about 1895. (Gardner leaves removed by Martin from the manuscript before August 1902)
Collection of German-American medievalist Rudolf Meyer-Riefstahl (1880-1936), Paris by 1914.
Loaned by Meyer-Riefstahl to the Berlin Photographic Company's New York office for their Exhibition of Muhammadan Miniature Painting on 22 February 1914.
Purchased by Isabella Stewart Gardner from the Berlin Photographic Company, New York for $1,000 on 24 February 1914, through the American art historian Bernard Berenson (1865-1959) and possibly the art collector and design theorist Denman Waldo Ross (1853-1935).


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