Diego Velázquez - King Philip IV of Spain, 1628-1629

Diego Velázquez (Seville, 1599 - 1660, Madrid)

King Philip IV of Spain, 1628-1629

Oil on canvas, 201.2 x 109.5 cm (79 3/16 x 43 1/8 in.)


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Collection of Don Diego Messía Felípez de Guzmán, the Marquis of Leganés (d. 1655), Madrid. (original commission?)Collection of the Marquises de Leganés, Madrid, by descent, 1655–1711.Collection of the Counts of Altamira, Madrid, by descent, 1711– early 19th century.Looted by the French during Joseph Bonaparte's occupation of Madrid in 1813.Restored to the Altamira family by a decree of King Louis XVIII of France issued on 8 May 1814.Collection of Vicente Pío Osorio de Moscoso, Count of Altamira by 1820–1827.Purchased by William John Bankes, Kingston Lacy, Dorset (d. 1855) from Mr. Stanley's auction of Count Altamira's collection, London, 1 June 1827, lot. 46.Collection of George Bankes, Kingston Lacy, Dorset, by inheritance (d. 1856).Collection of Edmund George Bankes, Kingston Lacy, Dorset, by inheritance, 1856–1860.Collection of John Henry Percival Bankes, Kingston Lacy, Dorset, by inheritance, 1860–1869.Collection of Walter Ralph Bankes, Kingston Lacy, Dorset, by inheritance, 1869– still in 1883, (d. 1904).Purchased by the art dealers Colnaghi & Co. from the Bankes family by 1896.Purchased by Isabella Stewart Gardner from Conaghi & Co., on 27 November 1896 for £15,000 through Bernard Berenson (1865–1959), American art historian.


Inscribed in black (lower left corner): R. PHE. 4 [Re Phelipe IV]
Inscribed in white (lower right): 2340


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The Gardner portrait of Philip IV of Spain is a version of the famous portrait in the Prado, Madrid, and is one in a series Velázquez painted of the King after the artist's appointment to the court in 1623. The Prado portrait was painted around 1628 and the Gardner version shortly thereafter. Remarkably, the Prado picture as we see it today represents a complete reworking of the canvas covering an earlier portrait of the King painted in 1623. A copy of that first version, also by Velázquez and now in the Metropolitan Museum, shows Philip IV in a similar pose although the position of the feet is quite different and overall, his figure is stout and his cape wide in proportion. In the Gardner painting, he is slender and rendered in a more idealized form that is meant to enhance his stature as supreme ruler. Dressed in black, Philip stands in a three-quarter stance against an undefined and austere gray background. In a pose that he took during official proceedings at the court, his left hand holds the hilt of his sword and his right hand holds a partially folded note.


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