Raphael - Lamentation over the Dead Christ, about 1503-1505

Raphael (Urbino, 1483 - 1520, Rome)

Lamentation over the Dead Christ, about 1503-1505

Oil on poplar panel, 23.6 x 28.8 cm (9 5/16 x 11 5/16 in.) framed


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Predella panel from an altarpiece for the convent of Sant' Antonio da Padova, Perugia about 1503-1506. (panels include National Gallery, London, 2919; Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, 16.30 and 32.130.1; Dulwich Picture Gallery, London, 241 and 243)
The complete predella sold by the convent, separately from the altarpiece, on 7 June 1663 to Queen Christina of Sweden (1629–1689), through Cardinal Decio Azzolini, Rome (1623–1689).
Collection of Cardinal Decio Azzolini (1623–1689) by inheritance from Queen Christina.
By inheritance to his nephew, Marchese Pompeo Azzolini, Rome (d. 1696).
Purchased by Prince Livio Odescalchi, Rome (d. 1713) in 1696.
By inheritance to Baldasarre Erba Odescalchi, Rome (d. 1746).
Purchased by Phillipe Duc d’Orléans, Regent of France, Galerie Orléans, Paris (d. 1723) in 1721 through Pierre Crozat (d. 1740).
By inheritance to Louis Duc d’Orléans, Paris (d. 1752).
By inheritance to Louis-Philippe Duc d’Orléans, Paris (d. 1785).
By inheritance to Louis-Philippe-Joseph Duc d’Orléans, Paris (d. 1793).
Purchased by François-Louis-Joseph de Laborde-Méréville, Paris later London (d. 1801) in 1792 through Édouard de Walkuers, Paris.
Consigned to Jeremiah Harman, London (d. 1844) in 1798.
Purchased by the consortium of Francis Egerton, 3rd Duke of Bridgewater, Frederick Howard, 5th Earl of Carlisle and George Granville Leveson-Gower, 1st Duke of Sutherland.
Purchased by Chevalier Féréol de Bonnemaison (d. 1827), director of restorations of paintings at the Louvre from the Duc d'Orléans sale at Peter Coxe, Burrell and Foster, London on 14 February 1800, lot 43.
Collection of Count Carl Rechberg, Munich by 1820.
Collection of Sir Thomas Lawrence (1769-1830), English painter and collector.
Purchased by the dealer John Seguier, London at the Lawrence sale Christie’s, London on 15 May 1830, lot 125 for £131.
Collection of Mark Anthony Whyte, Barron Hill, Staffordshire by 1854.
By inheritance to M. H. Dawson, London.
Purchased by Isabella Stewart Gardner from the art dealers Colnaghi & Co., London on 17 November 1900 for $24,277 through Bernard Berenson (1865–1959), American art historian.


Seal of Count Carl Rechberg in red wax (reverse, upper left): Crown with two lions

Dimension Notes

Frame: 48.6 x 55.2 cm (19 1/8 x 21 3/4 in.)


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Not satisfied with a single Raphael painting, Isabella Stewart Gardner waited just two years before purchasing her second work by the artist. This small panel, exquisitely preserved with luminous colors, was painted as part of a narrative predella, or lower register of an altarpiece, for a convent of Franciscan nuns in Perugia, Italy. In the early seventeenth century, the predella was separated from the rest of the altarpiece, and both parts began their journey through the art world. 

Gardner acquired her fragment in 1900, while J.P. Morgan purchased largest part of the same altarpiece one year later. She set this painting on a table, with a chair positioned as if to allow close, personal contemplation of the picture. She arranged the display perpendicular to the window, to catch daylight for viewing.