Chinese - Votive Stele, 543


Votive Stele, 543

Limestone, 142.2 x 81.9 x 62.9 cm (56 x 32 1/4 x 24 3/4 in.)


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Purchased by Isabella Stewart Gardner from the Russian art collector Victor Goloubew (1879-1945), Paris in July 1914, through Bernard Berenson. The purchase price of 55,000 francs was paid on 14 October 1914.


Front of the base (carved): Dedication dated the twenty-fifth day of the fifth lunar month of the first year of the Wu-ting in the Eastern Wei dynasty [corresponding to 2 July 543 AD]. It states seventy people [although seventy-eight donors are listed] headed by the Buddhist disciple Lo Tzu-k'uan, respectfully made a stone image of Sãkyamuni for the benefit of the Emporor, their ancestors of seven generations and their living parents. The name of the bhikshuni (nun) Seng-chih appears at the end, apparently as the donor or writer of the dedication.


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This votive stele—essentially a tangible prayer—is the most important non-western artwork in the Gardner's collection. Its principal figures, all standing on lotus petals, include the Buddha attended by disciples wearing monastic robes and flanked by bodhisattvas embodying compassion and wisdom. Together they convey messages of universal and personal salvation, appropriate to a votive, an object made in recognition of a prayer fulfilled and donated to a shrine. Seventy-eight donors commissioned this one in honor of the Emperor and their names are listed on its base. This inscription also gives the date of the donation as 2 July 543 CE in a form corresponding to the calendar of the Eastern Wei dynasty.