Roman - Mosaic Floor: Medusa, 117-138 AD


Mosaic Floor: Medusa, 117-138 AD

Stone and glass, 500.4 x 1258.1 cm (197 x 495 5/16 in.)


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One of seven mosaics excavated on the property of Cavaliere Alessandro Piacentini in Montebello, 8 miles north of Rome where the Via Tiberina joins the Via Flaminia near the Villa Livia, in March 1892. One of the other mosaics is now at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (45.16.2).
Examined by Isabella Stewart Gardner and John L. Gardner on 12 March 1895.
Purchased by Isabella Stewart Gardner from the antique dealer Pio Marinangeli, Rome on 2 November 1897 for £10,000.


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In 1892 an ancient villa was discovered just north of Rome, near the villa of Augustus’s wife Livia. Several well-preserved mosaic floors adorned the baths of the villa. A second mosaic from the villa, showing two figures in Egyptian style, is now in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Jack and Isabella Gardner inspected the mosaics in 1895 and purchased this floor in 1897. The delicate tracery of this mosaic resembles those made in Pompei around 25 AD (the late second or third style), but brick stamps indicate that it was laid a century later, during the reign of Emperor Hadrian.

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