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Now on View

On Christopher Street: Transgender Portraits by Mark Seliger

2024 Summer Exhibition

June 13 - September 8, 2024
Hostetter Gallery

2024 Summer Exhibitions

Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum’s summer exhibition suite explores how portrait photographs by artists from New York City, Boston, and Dallas reflect and refract multifaceted LGBTQIA+ experiences. Across three galleries, including the Anne H. Fitzpatrick Façade outside the Museum, we illuminate how portrait photography is a powerful tool for LGBTQIA+ self-discovery, community-making, and affirming of found family. Each artist presents us with their unique processes, which prioritize making space for their subjects and shaping stories—sometimes their own—on camera.

On Christopher Street: Transgender Portraits by Mark Seliger

From Greenwich Village in the heart of New York, renowned portrait photographer Mark Seliger (he/him) developed trust with trans sitters to capture the spirit of Christopher Street between 2013 and 2016. During these three years, Seliger set his lens “on Christopher Street” to celebrate transgender individuals, share their stories with the world, and capture the spirit of the New York City neighborhood significant to their life jouneys. On Christopher Street: Transgender Portraits by Mark Seliger will be on view in Hostetter Gallery from June 13 to September 8.


About the Artist

Black and white photo of a man with shoulder length hair looking away from the camera

Photo courtesy of the Artist

Mark Seliger (b. 1959, Amarillo, TX) (he/him) is an American photographer known for his portraits of celebrities and public figures, including Barack Obama, Oprah Winfrey, and Mick Jagger. Seliger has created covers for Rolling Stone, Vanity Fair, GQ, and Elle, among others. His work is held in the permanent collections of the National Portrait Gallery in Washington, D.C.; the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston; the National Portrait Gallery in London; and now the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art.

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On Christopher Street: Transgender Portraits by Mark Seliger was organized by the Memphis Brooks Museum of Art. 

 Support for the exhibition at the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, as well as for Portraits from Boston, With Love and Hakeem Adewumi: Possession of a Recalcitrant Dream, 2024 is provided by the Barr Foundation, the Ford Foundation, the Barbara Lee Program Fund and the Henry Luce Foundation.

The Artist-in-Residence program is directed by Pieranna Cavalchini, Tom and Lisa Blumenthal Curator of Contemporary Art. Funding is also provided for site-specific installations of new work on the Anne H. Fitzpatrick Façade on Evans Way.  

The Museum receives operating support from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, which is supported by the state of Massachusetts and the National Endowment for the Arts.

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