School Tours Grades 3-12

Make the Gardner an unforgettable part of your students’ experience!

Virtual visits to the Gardner Museum for grade 3-12 classes provide engaging opportunities for students to make personal connections to art, while also supporting curriculum goals. Our synchronous, discussion based tours encourage close looking, critical inquiry, evidence based reasoning, and student teamwork. In addition to dynamic group discussions, the virtual Museum visit also offers opportunities for creative responses through writing and sketching. Each virtual visit provides a general introduction to Isabella Stewart Gardner and the Museum's history, and focuses on approximately three works of art.

Participants in the Gardner Museum’s Thinking Through Art program: Click here to log in and schedule your virtual museum visit.  

All other groups, please choose from one of the themes below. All virtual visits support Massachusetts Curriculum State Frameworks and the Common Core.

Introduction to the Gardner Museum (Grades 3 – 12)

Students will personally connect with individual works of art and installations—and with each other—through close looking, collaborative problem-solving, and creative exploration.

Renaissance at the Gardner (Grades 9 – 12)

Employing the skills of close looking, inquiry, and historical thinking, students will investigate the Renaissance within the context of European art and explore the influence of antiquity and medieval art. Questions to be considered include: Why was the Renaissance such a significant period? How are the considerable cultural and artistic shifts that happened during the Renaissance relevant today?

Questioning Power (Grades 6 – 12)

Students will investigate representations of power across time. They will consider questions such as: Who has power? Who doesn’t? How is power conveyed? Throughout the visit, students will be invited to reflect on their own agency and voice.

Story Hunter (Grades 3 – 12)

The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum is full of narratives. Students will explore the ways in which stories from the classical past to the present—including ones students create on their own—can help us understand ourselves and the world.

Exhibition Spotlight (Grade Levels Vary by Exhibition)

How do we connect to the art of the past? Discover new artworks and insights by delving into the exhibitions currently on view in the Museum’s Hostetter Gallery, Fenway Gallery, and Anne H. Fitzpatrick Façade. Engage with themes linking contemporary issues to Isabella Stewart Gardner’s historic collection. Our educators can suggest what exhibitions will best support your students’ learning.

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All groups must register at least three weeks in advance—registering early means your desired date and time are more likely to be available.

Your virtual visit is confirmed only once you receive an email stating your request has been processed and approved. Unless otherwise approved, we request payment in full 2 weeks prior to visit with confirmed attendance numbers. The balance may be paid by credit card or check. Refunds will not be honored once attendance numbers are confirmed.

For questions about reservations, please email [email protected] or call 617 278 5147 Monday through Friday, 9 AM–5 PM. 72 hours' notice is required for cancellations or to change the date of your visit.


Group Size and Chaperones

We can accommodate a maximum of 60 students per virtual visit. Students will be divided into groups of 15 or fewer using Breakout Rooms, with one Museum Teacher assigned to each group.


The fee for virtual Museum visits is $50 for each group of 15 people.

Virtual Visit Meeting Information

Once your virtual visit is confirmed, we will be in touch with Zoom meeting information and to introduce you to the Museum Teachers who will be working with your group. If you prefer, you may host the virtual visit on the platform of your choice and invite Museum Teacher(s) to join your meeting.

In advance of the visit, please send all parents/guardians the Gardner Museum Virtual Visit Parent Consent Form

By attending a virtual visit, all participants consent to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum capturing and using still photography and video and audio recordings of the program by the Museum. Participants will not record the program for further distribution. The devices used to record via audio or video that are prohibited are inclusive of, but are not limited to, phones, voice recorders of any kind, video cameras of any kind, and microphones.