Gardner Ambassadors

The Gardner Ambassadors program is an innovative new initiative dedicated to opening paid internship opportunities in museums to those who previously have not had access to them. The program has a dual focus on departmental training and visitor experience, with the goal of building a visitor-centered, diverse workforce for art museums of the future.

About the Program

Each Gardner Ambassador interns in a host department for one day a week. As part of the team, they contribute to collaborative and independent projects aimed at giving them perspective on museum careers and growing their professional skills in their chosen area of study. Gardner Ambassadors also spend a portion of their time in the Museum's galleries, where they assist visitors and provide them with opportunities for engagement with the collection.

In addition, each week of the program includes a seminar session with their cohort, where Ambassadors dig into Isabella Stewart Gardner’s story and collection objects, participate in career discussions with Museum staff, and receive training for entering the professional world after graduation.

While our primary commitment is providing training and mentorship to students in a museum environment, the program's curriculum is designed to build each Ambassador's overall workforce skills, preparing them to enter any professional field after graduation

Gardner Ambassador Maia Rivera in the Courtyard.
This is my first time ever being in a space like this. It’s my first internship ever. I’m learning and digesting new things every day, and I’m gaining so many skills and knowledge about things that I’ve never had before… Being a woman of color and being able to be in this kind of space is very empowering and uplifting.

— Maia Rivera, Spring 2020 Gardner Ambassador in the Contemporary Art department

More Information and How to Apply

Applications for the Fall 2021 / Spring 2022 season of the Ambassadors program have now closed. Positions are currently offered exclusively to students at Bunker Hill Community College. Please contact for more information.

The Gardner Ambassadors Program is supported in part by the Wagner Foundation, the Richard K. Lubin Family Foundation, and the National Endowment for the Arts. The Museum receives operating support from the Massachusetts Cultural Council, which is supported by the state of Massachusetts.