Jaypix Belmer

Polly Thayer Starr Visiting Studio Artist


Inspired by the special exhibition, Metal of Honor: Gold from Simone Martini to Contemporary Art, Jaypix designed a hands-on Studio project where visitors embellished golden frames and were encouraged to illustrate a portrait of someone they wish to honor.


My name is Jaypix Belmer. I am clear and mindful using my gifts of vision to amplify, preserve, connect and love.

Identifying as a non-binary Black, Indigenous person of color, Jaypix is a Boston based documentary photographer whose work captures the “visual soul of their subjects.” Born in Boston, Jaypix focuses on the unconsidered people and places in our everyday lives. Jaypix’s professional style combines innovative design and artistically bold portraits that shine a light on individuals, enabling confidence towards the pursuit of their own vision. Being able to capture a feeling rather than a moment is a unique aesthetic evident throughout their work. Jaypix is extremely committed to storytelling. Through dialogue Jaypix establishes a strong relationship with the people they photograph which results in creative image-making.