Exterior Gardens

Lynch Garden

The Lynch Garden has two sections, one between the Museum’s New Wing entrance and Living Room and the other between the admissions desk and the Museum shop. Ron Henderson, who designed the garden, was inspired by Japanese horticultural practices, and filled the space with a forest of upright lacebark elms supported by low witch hazels that have coppery orange flowers in the late winter. 

Jordan Garden

Originally the South Garden, Gardner planted this space with a lawn and narrow perennial beds. With the creation of the New Wing, a new space was created to be experienced from within the glass-walled Living Room.

Monk’s Garden

Adjacent to the Museum’s Chinese Loggia is what was once Gardner’s private garden, now known as the Monk’s Garden. Over time, Isabella’s original designs were altered. In 2013, noted landscape architect Michael Van Valkenburgh completely redesigned the space. The garden’s design has the aim of provoking extended quiet contemplation rather than hurried passage. Seating in the Monk’s Garden invites visitors to stop and reflect on the visual richness of both the garden and gallery spaces.