Spring Blooms

Courtyard Display

On view: April - May

After Isabella’s famed nasturtiums come down, the spring Courtyard continues to wow with bright plants include azaleas, blue cineraria, ivory and cream daffodils, and Cymbidium orchids, punctuating a green background of ferns, palms, and pines. The Gardner Museum’s signature Clivia miniata are also often on display and now include beautiful lemon-colored blossoms from famed horticulturalist Allen Haskell’s nursery, playing off of the orange variety that have been a part of the Museum’s collection for over forty years. Flowering Maple are often used to flank the steps and the statues to complement this exhibit of springtime color. This is the most famous, and labor intensive, of the Courtyard displays.

Please note that the Courtyard displays are part of a living collection and as such the actual flowers may be different than what is described on our website.