Midwinter Tropics

Courtyard Display

On view: January - February

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The Audio Walk was produced by Sandy Goldberg of sgscripts.

In the first display of the New Year, masses of tropical and subtropical plants fill the Courtyard with shades of green punctuated by bright color. Orchids abound, along with Norfolk Island pine, tree ferns, large fishtail palms, smaller fan and Areca palms, and ferns.

Early images of the Courtyard show the profusion of plants placed by Isabella, filling the north side of the Courtyard and creating a network of green foliage. Small trees and tall palms anchored the corners of the Courtyard and smaller plants lined the paths and surrounded the Medusa mosaic in the center of the space. 

Please note that the Courtyard displays are part of a living collection and as such the actual flowers may be different than what is described on our website.