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Weekend Concert Series

Ned Rorem Centennial

Sunday, October 1, 2023
1:30 pm


Ned Rorem - Evidence of Things Not Seen (1997)


We celebrate the life and music of American composer, Ned Rorem, who died at age 99 last year, with a performance of his late masterpiece. Evidence of Things Not Seen is a concert-length song cycle for four singers and piano that Rorem considered among his most important accomplishments.


The music summons Rorem’s greatest gifts: his innate understanding of the human voice, his superb ear for poetry, his gift for poignant story-telling, his sensitive and adroit pianism, and above all, his urgent and lyrical music.

This performance features:

  • Miriam Gordon Stewart, soprano
  • Brenda Patterson, mezzo-soprano
  • William Ferguson, tenor
  • Randall Scarlata, baritone
  • Laura Ward, piano;

Ned Rorem, Composer, Photographer: Christian Steiner.

Ned Rorem, Composer, Photographer: Christian Steiner.
Ned Rorem, Composer, Photographer: Christian Steiner.


August 16 - 22, 2023

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This concert is made possible by the generous support of the Fitzpatrick Family.


Hemenway & Barnes LLP is the lead corporate sponsor of the Weekend Concert Series. The Museum thanks its generous concert donors: The Coogan Concert in memory of Peter Weston Coogan; Fitzpatrick Family Concert; James Lawrence Memorial Concert; Alford P. Rudnick Memorial Concert; David Scudder in memory of his wife, Marie Louise Scudder; Wendy Shattuck Young Artist Concert; and Willona Sinclair Memorial Concert. The piano is dedicated as the Alex d’Arbeloff Steinway. The harpsichord was generously donated by Dr. Robert Barstow in memory of Marion Huse, and its care is endowed in memory of Dr. Barstow by The Barstow Fund. Music at the Gardner is also supported in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, which is supported by the state of Massachusetts and the National Endowment for the Arts.