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Weekend Concert Series


What Bach Heard

Sunday, February 11, 2024
1:30 pm


Heinrich Bach -  Sonata a5 in F major (before 1662)
Adam Drese - Sonata a2 in a minor (before 1662)
Andreas Oswald - Sonata a4 (before 1662)
Johann Rosenmüller - Sonata a5 in g minor (1667)
Johann Christoph Pezel - Sonata Ciacona in B-flat major (1686)
Dieterich Buxtehude - Ciacona from Sonata IV in B-flat major, Op. 1 (1694)
Johann Sebastian Bach - Trio Sonata in D minor after BWV 527 (c. 1727-1730)
with choreography by Claudia Schereier (commissioned by ISGM)
Johann Sebastian Bach - The Art of the Fugue, BWV 1080 (published 1751)

The astonishing period-instrument ensemble ACRONYM returns to the Gardner following their triumph last season with Bach’s Brandeburg concertos. In this concert, they will explore the instrumental music that laid the groundwork for Bach’s own works, climaxing in one of his remarkable trio sonatas, in a performance with world premiere choreography by Claudia Schreier featuring dancers Madison Keesler and Keith Reeves. 

This performance features: 
Manami Mizumoto, Johanna Novom, Adriane Post, violins
Kyle Miller, viola
Kivie Cahn-Lipman, viola da gamba & violoncello
Loren Ludwig, viola da gamba
Paul Dwyer, cello
Doug Balliett, violone
Dan Swenberg, theorbo
Elliot Figg, harpsichord & organ

Photo by Jeff Weeks


November 15-28, 2023

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This commissioned performance is made possible by the Anne Hawley Fund for Programs.

Music at the Gardner is supported by Nora McNeely Hurley / Manitou Fund. Hemenway & Barnes LLP is the lead corporate sponsor of the Weekend Concert Series. The Museum thanks its generous concert donors: The Coogan Concert in memory of Peter Weston Coogan; Fitzpatrick Family Concert; James Lawrence Memorial Concert; Alford P. Rudnick Memorial Concert; David Scudder in memory of his wife, Marie Louise Scudder; Wendy Shattuck Young Artist Concert; and Willona Sinclair Memorial Concert. The piano is dedicated as the Alex d’Arbeloff Steinway. The harpsichord was generously donated by Dr. Robert Barstow in memory of Marion Huse, and its care is endowed in memory of Dr. Barstow by The Barstow Fund. Music at the Gardner is also supported in part by the Massachusetts Cultural Council, which is supported by the state of Massachusetts and the National Endowment for the Arts.