Matt McArthur

Neighborhood Salon Luminary

Matt McArthur is the Founder and Executive Director of the record co., a nonprofit music incubator on a mission to break down the barriers between music makers and their creative visions in Boston. TRC's longest running program, a low-cost recording studio workspace, now hosts more than 1,300 recording sessions for community artists each year. Stay tuned, a major expansion of TRC's space and program offerings is in the works!

The spirit of the Neighborhood Salon was rejuvenating; an air of shared values and different but sympathetic experiences.

— Matt McArthur

During his time as a Luminary, McArthur co-produced the April 2017 RISE concert featuring Ruby Rose Fox and Bent Knee, and advised as part of a focus group for programming during upcoming exhibitions at the Gardner Museum.

Follow him on Instagram @TherecordcoTRC.