Sabrina Dorsainvil

Neighborhood Salon Luminary

Sabrina is fascinated by people: the way they move, speak, and touch, and the way they interact and experience objects, environments, and each other. She brings this lens to her work as a designer and illustrator; from playful drawings to projects centered around the experience of being human, Sabrina’s work aims to improve the practice of everyday life by working to addressing complex issues we face daily within areas like housing and healthcare or social and emotional well being. She has worked with international and local community based organizations, non-profits, large institutions, and startups on issues regarding social, spatial, and environmental justice. Sabrina currently works for the City of Boston as a Civic Designer with the Mayor’s Office of New Urban Mechanics. She holds a BFA in Industrial Design for Massachusetts College of Art and Design and an MS in Design and Urban Ecologies from Parsons School of Design.

Sharing my truth as an artist, as a designer, knowing that I, like many, am a work in progress, was daunting. This group received me with open arms.

— Sabrina Dorsainvil

During her time as a Neighborhood Salon Luminary, Sabrina was a featured artist in the Life in Stories Festival, celebrating our special exhibition Fra Angelico: Heaven on Earth, and activated the Tapestry Room with a playful, participatory conversation about art and life during the Third Thursdays: Creative Play event with fellow Luminary Silvia López Chavez.

Follow her on Instagram @oh_sabeedee.