Black the Creator

Neighborhood Salon Luminary

Black (they/them), formerly known as Black Venus, is a renaissance, drawing inspiration from artists like Josephine Baker and Ntozake Shange, who were unapologetic and unbound in their creative expression. They are a Black, genderqueer creator and community organizer currently based in New Orleans. Through interdisciplinary creative practice, Black transcends the boundaries between art and form to create space for discovery and transformation.

I wasn't just surrounded by artists, but passionate people who case about creating change. People who believe in the power of art to transform and unite in the way that I do.

— Black the Creator

During their time as a Luminary, Black the Creator led interactive theater activities in the Gothic Room and prompted conversations in the Museum's contemporary art space, Hostetter gallery, each referencing the historic collection as a catalyst to think about body language and self-expression. 

For more insight into the art of Black the Creator, follow them on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, @thecreatorblack, or visit their website