Kadahj Bennett

Neighborhood Salon Luminary

KB. SIM. Prince Ahmad…He’s the voice of the operation. This millennial man of mystery is a Rapper/Singer/Actor/Writer/Teacher/Brother/Bostonian on a mission to enter the corners of your mind and make you move. Dance. Dream. Destroy. He just wants you to DO SOMETHING!

Affiliated with Company One Theater, Actors Shakespeare Project, Beyond Measure Productions, Zumix, and Harvard University.

Been a pleasure seeing such history and wonder and beauty, and to have the opportunity to share my gritty stories and rough {musings} {mix-ups} is mind-blowing.

— Kadahj Bennett

During his time as a Neighborhood Salon Luminary, Kadahj was a featured performer in the historic Tapestry Room as part of the Life in Stories Festival celebrating our special exhibition Fra Angelico: Heaven on Earth. He will be returning to perform this summer on Thursday, June 28 during Neighborhood Nights: Life Cycles, exploring self-analysis and growth through original songs and slam poetry. Look for Bennett again on Free Fun Friday, July 27, where he will curate musical vibes in the Jordan Garden.

Follow him on Instagram @kb.sim.29