Black Venus

Neighborhood Salon Luminary

​Black Venus (they/them, she/her) is a renaissance person, drawing inspiration from artists like Josephine Baker and Audre Lorde, who allowed no limits to their creative expression. They are the Co-Director for The Theater Offensive's True Colors OUT Youth Theater Troupe, as well as, a slam poetry coach for 826 Boston. As an independent and multidisciplinary artist, Black Venus's work is deeply introspective and strives to challenge normalized language and discourse around identity. They find fulfillment when using various art forms as tools for education, healing, and liberation. Black is also an active community organizer, collaborating with fellow artists on programming that aims to dismantle oppression and promote healing through creative practices. 

I wasn't just surrounded by artists, but passionate people who case about creating change. People who believe in the power of art to transform and unite in the way that I do.

— Black Venus

During their time as a Luminary, Black Venus led interactive theater activities in the Gothic Room and prompted conversations in the Museum's contemporary art space, Hostetter gallery, each referencing the historic collection as a catalyst to think about body language and self expression. 

For more insight into the art of Black Venus, follow them on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram, @blackv3nus, or visit their website