Community Partnership Program

Community Partnership staff collaborate with teachers and students in six neighborhood alternative schools and community organizations to develop curriculum-based multiple visit programs. Partnering organizations serving teens are paired with community professionals in the YMCA’s Black Achievers Program who volunteer their time to help guide students during museum visits. Education staff train teen Museum Associates to assist in teaching groups of younger children from community after-school programs

Connecting with Families

The accomplishments and artwork of students involved in the Education Department’s School and Community Partnership programs are featured in a series of evening events held at the Museum at the end of each school year. Each partnering school helps to organize a “Family Night,” during which the students share with their families and friends what they have learned at the Gardner. Groups involved in Community Partnerships also participate in a festive culminating event called Community Creations. Each group displays artwork students have created in response to the Gardner’s collection; past exhibitions have included paintings, sculpture, and installation art. Family and friends from the neighboring community attend the gala opening night. The exhibition then remains on view at the Museum for a week, offering all visitors the chance to see the Gardner Museum through the eyes of these young people.