Love's Greeting - dante gabriel rossetti, about 1861

dante gabriel rossetti (London, 1828 - 1882, Birchington, England)

Love's Greeting, about 1861

Oil on panel, 57 x 61 cm (22 7/16 x 24 in.)


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Possibly in the collection of the textile merchant Walter Dunlop, Bradford in 1864.
Collection of the Scottish merchant, politician, and art patron William Graham (1817-1885), Glasgow.
Purchased by the English collector Frederick R. Leyland (1831-1892), Liverpool from the sale of the Graham collection at Christie, Manson & Woods, London for £86.20 on 3 April 1886, lot 101.
Purchased by Isabella Stewart Gardner from the sale of the Frederick R. Leyland collection at Christie, Manson & Woods, London for £189.50 on 28 May 1892, lot 60, through Benjamin Franklin Stevens (1833-1902), bibliographer, bookseller and library agent.


Inscribed (on the scroll): Madonna, Dio vi fece, Dio vi Guardi, Madonna, Dio v'onori (along the top) / Dio v'innalzi, Madonna Dio vi dia le voglie vostre (along the bottom) (My Lady, God made thee, God keep thee, My Lady, God honor thee / God exalt thee, my lady, God grant thee thy wishes)
Inscribed (over the heads of the three figures, left to right): Amor / Amata / Amator (Love / Beloved / Lover)


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