Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a brief FAQ for The Concert and music library.

What is a podcast?

A podcast is an audio program distributed over the web. Podcasts were originally created to be listened to on an mp3 player, like an iPod, but you don’t need anything more than a computer to listen to podcasts. What makes podcasts unique—and really convenient—is a technology called RSS (Really Simple Syndication), which allows you to subscribe once and automatically get updates delivered straight to your computer, or even right to your iPod or other portable music player.

How do I listen to The Concert?

You can easily download any podcast program or musical work just by clicking on the title from our podcast or music library pages. To subscribe to The Concert and receive updates automatically, you’ll need to utilize software like iTunes that can read and interpret our RSS feed.

If you already have iTunes on your computer, you can use our one-click subscription to add The Concert to your library automatically. If that’s not working, you can find detailed, easy-to-follow directions for manually adding the subscription on Apple’s support website. For other free podcast software options, check out this list.

I’m still having technical problems. Can you help me?

We’re primarily an art institution, and unfortunately we don’t have a technical support team for our podcast. Apple supplies technical support for subscribing to podcasts through iTunes. Other software providers, such as those listed here, may also supply technical support for users of their products.

What is Creative Commons, and what does the “Share Music” logo mean?

The audio files contained in our podcasts and music library are given to you under a Creative Commons license which allows you to share the music with friends, family, colleagues, and anyone you think may enjoy it. By downloading the music, you agree to attribute any music you share to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum. You may not use the music for commercial purposes or modify it, and you must keep intact all copyright notices. More about Creative Commons

How do I give proper credit to the Gardner Museum?

How you attribute the music depends on what you do with it. If you share the music with others by distributing copies, file-sharing, webcasting, and the like, you must, at a minimum, identify the audio file as licensed by “the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston.”

If you are posting the podcast or individual work on a non-commercial website, blog, etc., you must include the text “the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum, Boston” and provide a hyperlink back to the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum’s website: All users must keep the copyright notices and technical identification information in the podcast files intact. You can find more information on the Creative Commons website.