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About this Site:

Stray Dogs, a graphic novel by Croatian-born artist Danijel Zezelj, takes form as the memoir of a woman journalist . Part illustrated biography, part dreamlike musing, Zezelj’s richly descriptive narrative-in-drawings is told through a visually eclectic mix of individuals and settings, from moody cityscapes to shadowed interiors. His story takes on themes of exile, solitude, illness, displacement, and growing old in America. Merging a quasi-documentary style with darkly poetic and musical sensibilities, Stray Dogs explores the meaning of place in human experience. Zezelj’s project is a boldly impressionistic representation of the world as he sees it.

On view in the gallery are the original drawings for the graphic novel Stray Dogs as well as copies of the final published book.



Artist's Biography:

Danijel Zezelj studied classical painting, sculpting and printing at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, Croatia.

Since 1986 his comics and illustrations have appeared in magazines and anthologies in former Yugoslavia, Croatia, Slovenia, England, Switzerland, France, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the USA.

He is author of more than twenty graphic novels and short comics collections.

He moved to London, UK in 1991 and then to Montepulciano, Italy in 1992. In 1993 Editori del Grifo published his first graphic novel "Il Ritmo Del Cuore" (The Rhythm of the Heart) with an introduction by Federico Fellini.

In 1995 he moved to USA. His illustrations and comics have been published by DC Comics/Vertigo, Marvel Comics, The New York Times Book Review, The Harper's Magazine, San Francisco Guardian, Washington Chronicle, etc.

Since 1997 he has created a series of multimedia performances in collaboration with musician/composer Jessica Lurie. They were premiered in Italy, USA and Croatia.

In 2001 in Zagreb, Greiner, Kropilak and Zezelj have founded a publishing company and graphic and video workshop Petikat.

For more information visit the artist’s website: