Connect with people and ideas at the Gardner through programs that explore historic and contemporary art and culture. Programs are offered on Thursday evenings throughout the year. Please visit our calendar for more information about upcoming programs.

Conversation and Lecture Series

This Thursday evening conversation series offers imaginative ways to explore the Gardner’s highly personal galleries. Lively conversations between artists, writers, and scholars create new connections between past and present, using the mix of disciplines that define the Gardner—historic art, contemporary art, landscape, and music—as inspiration. Please visit our calendar for more information about upcoming Room Views.

Artist Talks and Performances

Artists have always been a vibrant part of the Gardner, helping us see the art of the past through contemporary eyes. The Gardner’s Artist-in-Residence program brings emerging artists from around the world to Boston to draw inspiration from the museum and our community. Artist talks and performances offer visitors the opportunity to hear directly from Artists-in-Residence about their work or experience a unique performance. Please visit our calendar for more information about upcoming talks and performances.

Third Thursdays

The third Thursday of every month is home to Third Thursdays, a dynamic late-night program full of music, art, and conversation designed to connect young professionals, artists, and college students with each other and the Gardner.

The Gardner takes on an otherworldly beauty after dark, when starry skies and moonlight contribute to its magic. Visitors are encouraged to linger in the cloisters or around the courtyard, explore or sketch in the galleries, discover new exhibitions, drop in on gallery talks, and revel in live music. Cash bar each night, but the atmosphere is on us.

Third Thursdays evening events are back and more information on this season can be found in the calendar.

The museum is open until 9 pm every Thursday night, but Third Thursdays happens from 5:30 pm to 9 pm on the third Thursday of every month.


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Director of Program Planning

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Public Programs Assistant

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